Just what we love- fast cars and sharp suits!

A suit looks good when it fits well.

Have you heard of the “Made-to-Measure” program? Harry Rosen has a year-round made-to-measure program. Basically a “made-to-measure suit is custom-made according to the customer’s precise measurements, in a fabric and with the tailoring details he chooses, but based on a design house’s existing model”.

These suits can sometimes be a little pricey, but it offers the customer comfort fit and a wider choice of fabric. In away its an opportunity for self-expression.

For a limited time Holt and Renfrew (Canada) is also running a “Made to Measure” program. You can “create suits, sport coats, dress shirts and pants that are uniquely yours with our Made to Measure program. Choose from and extensive selection of fabrics from our designer and exclusive Holt Renfrew assortments.” Right now Holt’s has partnered up with BMW for an even bigger promotion!

“Similar to custom suiting, attention to detail is what sets BMW apart. As a valued Holt Renfrew customer, BMW Canada is pleased to invite you to test drive any 6 Series or 7 Series vehicle. In appreciation for your interest, you will receive a $100 Holt Renfrew Gift Card.** visit BMW.ca/MadeToMeasure to register”.

Another option for our international readers and jet setter blog friends is when visiting India or China, take some extra time and see a tailor. You can get a custom made-to-measure suit for 1/3 of the price. You just need to plan your trip so you can pop in for a measurements a few days before you are set to leave.

(Info for this blog is credited to Harry Rosen and Holt and Renfrew website).

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