The Scarf: fun, fashionable, functional and affordable!

The scarf roots can be traced back to early Rome where it had a more practical purpose. Men would carry them as a sweat cloth, which would help them wipe away their perspiration during hot weather. During the 1800’s, popular fashion houses like Hermès began manufacturing ornate pattern-silk scarfs making the practical item a fashion trend.

Hermès - Bay/Bloor Location

Hermès – Bay/Bloor Location

The 20th Century has made the scarf even more of a popular accessory for both men and women.  The scarf is a fashionable and functional accessory when done correctly!

This season we are seeing many scarves in stores and on many consumers necks. Trending right now are infinity scarfs (the ones that are already sewn in one big loop). If you purchase one of these remember that it isn’t meant to be worn as a bulky accessory. Do not make a small loop at the top and a saggy loop at the bottom; instead loop once to get a nice flow underneath your neck.

When choosing a scarf ensure it complements the tones of your outfit. If you are wearing a pattern shirt/jacket, chose a solid colour scarf rather than adding more pattern.

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