Don’t light the trouser

It’s great to see more and more men spending the time to dress well. It’s not uncommon to walk into a mall or your local bakery and see men with great style sense whether they’re in a suit or something casual. I for one welcome this, it’s about time we start catching up to the Europeans.



On the topic of suits I have been noticing a slight Faux pas in that trousers are not hemmed correctly or not at all. Sadly, this is becoming a common occurrence and is definitely an unwelcomed trend. I usually like to tell my clients that your trouser should sit right on the top of your shoes so that when you sit your socks should be slightly visible.  

Correct (credits:   Ermenegildo Zegna)   

The easiest way is to let a tailor measure where it should be hemmed. I would recommend one that has experience with suits. Most suiting stores have their own in-house tailors. I would stay far away from the tailors you find in the malls. In my own experiences most of my trousers need to be redone because of poor stitching or incorrect measurements.


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