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Dear Men,

The past couple of years I noticed a trend.  With the popularity of shows and movies from the past such as Mad Men, The Great Gatspy, Boardwalk Empire to even the latest; The Wolf of Wall Street, the classic look is back! (Thank God)

What does this mean?  It means the days of Face Art are over and dated.  It’s time to move on now.  The classic clean shave or a nice trimmed beard is the way to go.  The same goes for haircuts.  The Ross haircut from Friends died a long time ago along with the faux hawks and long sideburns.  If your hair is receding, trim short, buzz cut or shave it.  The faux hawk or Ross hair makes your receding hairline stand out even more.

When you look at pictures of men from 20’s to 60’s, they exude a sense of confidence, dependability and maturity which translates to professional, attractive and sexy.

So wink, wink from the ladies and a smile from your colleagues who will see you as more professional.  If this doesn’t motivate, I don’t know what will!


Best Wishes


Rubia Chaudri

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  1. Rashda/Aqeel
    Rashda/Aqeel says:

    Reading this article made me so proud of my daughter. This is a very well written article. It expresses her fashion sense. She is always ahead of the game and the trend follows. Keep up the great work.


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