Skinny jeans, dress shirts and hijabs

I’m a guy and I Love fashion call it a confession, but the truth is, when I was working in the IT world I would find my mind wondering off to what Armani would be showcasing  or what the latest trends out of GQ  magazine would be. I guess it was always in me, my father from what I hear and looking at old pictures had an amazing sense of style. I remember when I was young; I would always sneak into his closet and look at his collection of dress shirts and ties. I’ll never forget when I found an old Versace vintage shirt which I still have with me today.  Funny where life takes you, today my world consists of happy socks and knitted ties.



On the topic of style I was trying to come up with my next theme for the blog, when at work an incident occurred which basically gave me my next idea. We were discussing the local Toronto fashion scene and all of the different communities bringing their own take on trends. It was at this moment which had me thinking about my own community and me. What was really on my mind was this, being a visible minority and someone who is connected to his faith, how does fashion factor into this connection, how hard must it be for women. There are often not a lot of options out there as I  seen the struggles many girls go through trying to find the right look. Attempting to balance style and faith isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do but I have seen some excellent examples of creativity and flair brought into many Muslims women’s wardrobes.  



In the next week we at SPI are going to explore this delicate balance of Islam and fashion, and attempt to address some of the more Taboo topics such as How does Islam fit into the world of fashion? Or what does it mean to be “strong independent Muslim women?” By interviewing some of our top fashion experts, we are hoping to have a wealth of information and advice for all. So please stay tuned!!

Simar -SPI

(Photo credit: Islamic Fashion Festival – Beauty In Modesty)

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