A color a day keeps the doctor away

Looks like colors are in for this spring again and this is the perfect time to embrace what many designers have to offer. Guys before you start shaking your head you can start small by picking an accessory such as sunglasses, pocket squares or wrist bands and experiment with different color combinations. Take one step at a time and then when you’re feeling more confident, try stepping it up a notch with a striped Polo or Full Sleeve Shirt.  Keep in mind that not all colors work.  So it might be a bit of a guessing game but don’t worry it’ll come to you.

A good indication that you’re on the right path is if your complimented, especially by a women.  It’s a signal that the color you have chosen works with your skin tone and you should stick with it.

This season Polo by Ralph Lauren has some really interesting combination with a variety of color. Check them out at your local store.



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