To Stripe or Not to Stripe

To Stripe or Not to Stripe- is that really the question?

Stripes are making a strong appearance this spring.  Through the power of optical illusion stripes can slim or widen a body. Before attempting this trend remember that horizontal stripes widen or accentuate areas while vertical and diagonal stripes can be quite slimming.

If you are still uncomfortable, you can embrace this trend by accessorizing with shoes scarfs, handbags and ties that have stripes.

When I think stripes the “nautical look” immediate comes to mind.  This fun fashion trend relies on blue, white stripes, red accents, and even anchor patterns to complete the look. Recently at a trip to Old Navy- I saw a cute version of the nautical look that avoided stripes. By using light coloured trousers, boat shoes, navy blue blazer and an anchor shirt the same effect was achieved without using stripes. To stripes to the look a red striped scarf could have given this outfit a pop of colour.

Don’t be afraid of stripes, instead find ways to incorporate the trend into your look.

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Ruby Latif

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