The top 5 brands on Instagram this week

Are you on Instagram? have you been following these accounts?. If the answer is no then you need to be. The following brands take fashion to the next level in addition to being works of art on their own. So without further delay here our SPI’s top 5 brands for the week.



One of our favorite sites for a long time. The Sartorialist was one of the first sites to really showcase fashion and art . It inspired a generation of copycat Instagram  accounts which try to imitate it’s unique look and feel


I come here often looking for new inspirations. An incredible account showcasing suits and accessories ideas depicted in a beautiful art style worthy of vogue or GQ



This one contains both men’s and women’s fashion inspirations, definitely a worth a look



Listed as a lifestyle account, this one is also a favorite of mine, again this one is for both Men and Women and also contains pictures of celebrities and fashion designers.



Finally we have Salvatore Ferragamo. One of my favorite designers, it’s only natural that I would frequent his Instagram account as well.


Simaaaa 10


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