Style tips for couples

It’s not out of the ordinary to want to bring out the best in our partner, whether that be helping them improve on their quality of life, or motivating them to reach goals. It also isn’t out of the ordinary to want to look your best when you go out together. Often times it’s the simple things couples can do to step up their game and be noticed.

So we collected together a simple guide on how to achieve the ultimate couples look.


We wanted to combine preppy and edgy together to show you how it works.
Here you have here a vintage leather jacket which contrasts  the sweater. Notice
the way the tie and scarf plays off each other


Accessorize as much as possible, Men should not be afraid. We recommend a
notebook bag or a travel case. Ties and sweaters are always eye catching and
classy, plus its easy to do with very minimal effort.



Finish off  your looks with a classics such as a jacket or hat showcased above

Simar -SPI
(I would like to thank Sahar and Gaith for allowing us to pry a bit into their lives to bring you some amazing looks)