Knitted Ties are in

Ode to the Tie

One of the best things about men’s fashion is ties, which are the ultimate accessory. Since men don’t have a lot of options to accessorize, I like to emphasize and sometimes obsess over choosing the right one. I live by the slogan” a tie a day keeps the fashion police away” okay I admit that was lame.

2012 was really the year that began to focus on ties especially skinny, slim and knitted. I recall that the pages of GQ would be filled with pictorials on how and what to wear them with. What I really loved about this resurgence in ties were  knitted. In fact the last few years has seen my closet space shrink, to the mighty allure of the knitted Tie.

So why should every men embrace the Knitted tie, well I have reduced it down to 3 really important fundamentals as to why it should be a part of your wardrobe.


1) Retro is in. Knitted ties have the ability to bring the past into the present while still looking fashion forward. Think Boardwalk Empire meets the Television show Suits.



2) The ultimate accessory piece. I have already stated this above, adding the perfect tie can instantly upgrade your look. Here’s an example, a simple white dress shirt, try adding a black with white striped tie and all of a sudden you look like something out of the pages of British GQ.


3) Texture. The feel and the way a knitted tie is cut are different than your average silk ties. Most are blunt on the bottom as opposed the sharp cut you typically see. This almost gives it an ultra-masculine look and can even add confidence to your outward appearance. Try it out and see for yourself!




Simar -SPI

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