In the 1970’s two FBI agents work together in the FBI behavioral science unit and interview serial killers to better understand why they do what they do. This is the concept for Netflix’s new show Mindhunter. Jonathan Groff who play Holden Ford, is a young brash FBI agent looking to make an impression at Quantico using his intelligence and confidence alongside his costar, Holt McCallany who play Bill Tench. Tench is an instructor who eventually asks Holden to come along with him and assist him in teaching law enforcement officers all over the country on psychology of murder. Together the on screen chemistry between the two play off perfectly and complement one another. Sometimes butting heads on ideas and at other times, agreeing on them

Each episode is carefully structured so that it keeps the viewer guessing on what’s going to happen next. The acting, environment and music really fit the subject matter perfectly which is very dark. Some of the episodes have  multiple stories,  but the show does a masterful Job in pacing as to make sure that you don’t come away confused and lost

One of the highlights of the series is Holden’s interaction between Edmund Kemper, Cameron Britton who plays Edmond does an incredible job of portraying the serial Killer. It’s incredible in that you almost feel sympathy for Edmund and start to understand why he did what he did.

Overall score 8.5/10
-Great casting
-Dark and intriguing script
-A few too good to be true moments
-Worth binge watching