Define Your Style: Wear a Pocket Square

Pocket squares are apart of fashion history. It has been said that they date back to the times of the ancient Greeks. AMC’s “Mad Men” has re-popularized the suit-and-tie-man. The popular character of Don Draper is rarely seen without a sport coat or a pocket square.

Pocket squares are an indispensable tool that can define a man’s style. Done properly, it creates sophistication. When added to an outfit it allows a man to express himself and change a look.

When matching a pocket square to your outfit, remember to echo the colours of your shirt or tie. Be bold; Don Draper does wear white pocket squares but we are no longer in the 60’s!

Always ensure that your pocket square is folded neatly and is not making your breast pocket bulge out.  It’s okay to spend a few minutes in front of a mirror folding until you get it perfect. Lastly, stay away from shiny pocket squares (they look like they are jumping out of your pocket!).



I really like how Simmer (pictured to the left), has matched his pocket square to his turban. His purple shirt picks up the tones and makes the outfit flow very well. Great work accessorizing Simmer!

Photo: Simmer Anand, Photo Credit: Sequence Media

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