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Gambling mechanics are present in F2P games states UK commission

The UK gambling commission has come out with a study today detailing the predatory habits of many free to play games They have stated that:   Awareness and usage of in-game items ‘Skins’ are in-game items, used within some of the most popular video game titles. They provide cosmetic alterations to a player’s weapons, avatar […]

Stop Statistics Canada’s privacy violations

Stop Statistics Canada’s privacy violations The Statistics Canada scandal has revealed that hundreds of thousands of people in Canada face having their personal banking information taken – including account balances, ATM withdrawals and credit card payments – without being notified or being asked to give consent.1 This is only possible because the Privacy Act, the […]

ASTRO C40 TR PS4/PC Controller, $199 announced for March 2019

Would you pay 199 for a ps4 controller? *Quickly and easily swap the Analog Stick or D-Pad Modules for consistently sharp performance. Setup the controller in either Offset or Parallel configurations. Replaceable Stick Caps provide added customization for a competitive advantage. *Ready for any environment, the TR line of ASTRO Gaming products deliver premium design […]

Radeon RX 590

AMD has finally revealed the Radeon RX 590 and my initial thoughts are why bother? The card is nothing more then an overclocked 580 which came out 2 years ago, which was also based on the 480. It’s clear that as it stands AMD doesn’t have any new offerings in the high end spectrum which […]

Bitcoin tanks below $6000

Bitcoin’s moment of relative stability ended abruptly Wednesday. The world’s largest cryptocurrency hit its lowest level of the year, falling as much as 9 percent to a low of $5,640.36, according to CoinDesk. Bitcoin had been trading comfortably around the $6,400 range for the majority of the fall, a stark contrast from its volatile trading year. Other […]