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Robot Cache Game Distribution Platform Uses Blockchain To Reduce Publishers Fees, Allows Users To Resell Digital Games

Robot Cache is a new “decentralized” game distribution platform powered by blockchain technology that’s going to allow reduced fees for publishers and the ability for customers to resell their digital PC games. “It’s not often that opportunities arise to disrupt the $27 billion a year PC video games market.  Currently, just a handful of companies dominate […]

Pop Music Now Sucks According to Science

The BBC article covers a list of 5 things as to how pop music has come to suck, but two of the points stood out since these point back to AI and computer algorithms which were used to analyze the points being made that pop music’s sound is becoming homogenized and repetitive.

Canada is quickly becoming the new superpower in Bitcoin mining

HydroQuebec CEO Éric Martel recently announced the utility will attempt to attract more business from Bitcoin mining farms. The move is spurred by a decrease in demand for electricity in the area. The decrease in demand has begun a “spiral of death,” Martel told Le Journal de Quebec. The implementation of smarter, more energy efficient […]


The global food industry is worth trillions of dollars. Unfortunately, where there are opportunities, there will be those quick to take advantage. Not only does fraud in the food industry have economic costs, it can lead to public health and brand reputation risks. Unfortunately, the current approach to prevent fraud in the food industry is […]

Building for the Blockchain

The following was originally posted on https://blog.ycombinator.com/building-for-the-blockchain/ by By Vincent Chen and Ramon Recuero check out there blog for more information on development Building for the Blockchain Introduction If you’re here, we assume that you’re a developer/hacker who’s intrigued by the blockchain. You’re convinced that you understand how it works and now you’re itching to figure out what […]