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The global food industry is worth trillions of dollars. Unfortunately, where there are opportunities, there will be those quick to take advantage. Not only does fraud in the food industry have economic costs, it can lead to public health and brand reputation risks. Unfortunately, the current approach to prevent fraud in the food industry is […]

Building for the Blockchain

The following was originally posted on https://blog.ycombinator.com/building-for-the-blockchain/ by By Vincent Chen and Ramon Recuero check out there blog for more information on development Building for the Blockchain Introduction If you’re here, we assume that you’re a developer/hacker who’s intrigued by the blockchain. You’re convinced that you understand how it works and now you’re itching to figure out what […]

Stop Investing In Ripple!

Stop Investing In Ripple! (XRP) Warning. DO NOT BUY. Here’s Why: The crypto world is so caught up on making easy money they have forgotten why bitcoin and cryptocurrency was invented in the first place. For those of you that have forgot, let me remind you… BUT FIRST… Let’s take a quick look at who […]