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Let’s go a little RL

This is the classic Ralph Lauren look that we attempted to recreate..the suit represents Black label..while the polo is represented in the middle and Denim & Supply at the far left.

Halloween sway

So this was taken back in October for a Halloween party(yes thank you captain obvious).  fashion isn’t just formal/casual ware, its everything in-between as well.


This one is all about how to make patterns work for you. I’v heard a lot over the years about men shying away from looking too busy. So what I did here was start with a patterned Etro shirt and layered it with a yellow sweater. Since the shirt has a bit of yellow it […]

Funky works with Ties

So here’s something for those wanting to add a little flare to their wardrobes. I contrasted the tie with the lapel flower. I wanted the tie to stand out so I decided to go with a muted shirt